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Q: What is the cost of a hunt at Xtreme Whitetails?
A: Our hunt packages start at $4,000. This is our management hunt and allows you to harvest a buck scoring up to 169 inch B&C. The price of the hunts go up from there depending on how big of a deer you harvest.

Q: What does the price of the hunt include?
A: Hunts at Xtreme Whitetail Adventures are all inclusive. This means all lodging, food,drinks,tags,license,trophy prep is all included. The only thing you are responsible for is travel, tip and sales tax .05225.

Q: What is the success rate at Xtreme Whitetail Adventures. If I am not successful what will I be charged for my hunt.
A: Over the past 3 hunting seasons we have had a tremendous success rate. Somewhere in the 95% range. But there is always the chance that bad weather, no deer movement, the rut can lead to an unsuccessful hunt. In that case you are not charged anything. Your deposit will roll over and you will pick a date to come back and try again.

Q: What is your policy on wounded deer?
A: At Xtreme Whitetail Adventures if you draw blood on an animal, he is yours. If we are unsuccessful in finding the animal during your stay with us, then the staff at Xtreme Whitetail Adventures will not stop looking until we do. We have only had 2 hunters in 3 years (both bow hunters) leave with out their trophy, both of which were found with in a few days of there departure.

Q: What will type of tree stand will I be hunting out of?
A: At Xtreme Whitetail Adventures we gun hunt out of MB Ranch King blinds. We consider them to be the best blind made on the market today. They are insulated, carpeted, and very, very easy to get in and out of. We bow hunt from hang on tree stands with stick ladders going up.

Q: Is there a discount if I choose to shoot a second deer?
A: Yes, there is. We typically will discount the second deer up to 25% off, depending on the size of the deer. We have several customers who will harvest more than one deer per hunt.

Q: Do you charge for non hunting guests?
A: At Xtreme Whitetail Adventures we do not charge for non-hunting quests. We want you to enjoy every aspect of your hunt, we encourage our hunters to bring family or friends with them. We allow 1 non hunting quest per paid hunt as long as there is room in the lodge.

Q: What is the best airport for me to fly into?
A: The best place for you to fly into is Springfield/Branson regional airport, located in Springfield Missouri.

Q: How to I get from Airport to Xtreme Whitetail Adventures, and how far is it?
A: It is approximately 25-30 minutes from Springfield/Branson Regional airport to Xtreme Whitetail Adventures. You will picked up by one of Xtreme Whitetail Adventures owners or employees and taken back there when it is time to depart.

Q: What is the largest deer ever harvested at Xtreme Whitetail Adventures?
A: In 2010 a client shot the raining SCI World #1 gun kill. This World Record still stands today at 467~123~.

Q: Do you allow Bow hunting?
A: At Xtreme Whitetail Adventures you can hunt with Bow,Cross bow, muzzle loader or rifle.

Q: If I dont want to travel with a weapon will you provide one for me?
A: Yes, we have guns on hand if our client are flying in and would rather not travel with a gun.

Q: When does your hunting season run?
A: We hunt from Sept 20th thru the end on Dec.


E-mail all questions to and we will get you your answer as soon as possible!!!!

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