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358" B&C @ 2
180" B&C @ 1
Stonecold Semen price:$6000.00

Stonecold is a two-year old son of Maxbo XL. He is quite possibly the hottest buck in the country. Semen sold out in 2011 by July and is quickly on its way to selling out again in 2012. With a look that is second to none, this young buck has everything we could ask for. With 30" beams, 28 1/2" inside. 6X7 main frame and a pedigree proven to produce with any genetic cross. Stonecold is sure to be one of the next great sires to be produced at Xtreme Whitetails.

465" B&C @ 3
325" B&C @ 2
252" B&C @ 1
Maxbo XL Semen price: Please Call.

Maxbo XL has proven himself to be possibly the greatest sire ever! With sons like Stonecold, Alpha, Omega, Dream On, Powerpoint, Ikon plus too many more to list, he is one of the most consistant width & beam length producing sires ever! With most every son having 28"plus beams and 26" plus of width at 2 years-old. Maxbo XL has produced when when bred to every genetic line in the industry and has consistantly produced the look we strive to create. Maxbo XL is a once in a lifetime buck. Semen is almost gone so don't wait too long, tomorrow maybe too late.

Maxbo Xtreme Semen Price:$3000.00

Maxbo Xtreme has proven himself around the breeding industry as a top producer. With a very typical pedigree, Xtreme has shown time & time again that he produces big framed typical bucks. We all know this is what the industry has been striving for.

EST 325"@4
Maxbo Select Semen Price:$2500.00

Maxbo Select has bred for us the last four years. he ahs produced Storm 347"@2,Franchise 270"@2 and several others across the country. Select has consistantly produced 6X6 typical frames....

Alpha Semen Price:$3,000.00

Alpha is a 3 year-old XL son & twin brother to Omega (447"@3). Alpha was 27" inside & scored 325"@3 with a beautiful frame. Don't let his twin brother overshadow him, this is a serious breeder buck.

448" B.C. @ 3
351" B.C. @ 2
172" B.C. @ 1
Omega Semen Price:$6,000.00

Omega is a three-year old son of Maxbo XL. He is truly a specimen. He is one of the most impressive bucks in the country. He has it all, 31" beams, 31" inside spread, 7X7 main frame with ridiculous brows and great tine length. Omega has the look we strive to produce, with a very deep pedigree he is sure to be the next super sire at Xtreme Whitetails. We are xtremely excited about this super buck!

262" B&C @ 1
Dream On Semen price:$5,000.00

Dream On is a yearling son of Maxbo XL. He is the largest yearling buck ever at Xtreme Whitetails. He was 26 1/2" inside and 34 1/2" outside spread. At 262" @ 1 he is bigger than Maxbo XL, Stonecold, Omega, Ikon, Alpha, Xcelerator and Powerpoint @ 1. Knowing what those bucks look like at two and three years old, makes the future for Dream On very bright. Wow!! Dream On's mother is stacked with the best flees genetics available today, making him one of the deepest pedigreed sires in the country. Don't wait until he scores 400"+ to get on board. Co-Owned with Clam Rivers Whitetails.

Storm Semen Price:$2500.00

Storm is one of the nicest 2 year-olds that we have ever had. He is a son of Maxbo Select and has one of the deepest dam sides of any buck we own. Our first group of storm yearlings look tremendous. The future will show that this buck has what it takes.

139" @ 1
243" @ 2
325" @ 3
320" @ 4
EST 325" @ 5
Sunny JR Semen Price:$3500.00

Sunny JR has been with us from the beginning. He has consistantly produced great beam and tine length. His sons have all had the look the industry is after. But the most exciting thing about Sunny JR is his daughters. The are the perfect outcross for XL and his sons and have been great producers when crossed with the max line. There are very few bucks that produced from both sides of their offspring. Sunny JR has proven to be one of those bucks.

Powerpoint Semen Price:$3500.00

Powerpoint is a son of Maxbo XL. he has great width 27"+inside and a great look. He is genetically loaded, his mother is also BW747's mother. Powerpoint already has several 200" yearlings showing up in his first group of sons. In time he too will prove the power production of the XL line.

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