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Xtreme Whitetail Breeding Age Does

Y1389 Cardiac Kid/Sudden Impact
Y1410 Primetime/Sudden Impact
Y1249 Sudden Impact/Cutie (Harry)
Y1155 Reggie/Poncho/Joie
Y0294 Buddy/Tex (Maxbo XL's mother)
Y0626/W0079 Savage/Kristie (Storm & XL Storms Mother)
Y1198 Sudden Impact/Daiseree (Dream On's Mother)
G828 Sudden Impact/Little Boomer
P29 Poncho/Sudden Impact
Blk25 Maxin/Omega's Mother
G72 XL's full sister
R61 Shadow/Blue 37
Y25 Sunny Jr/o17 (womb sister to Stone Colds Mother)
Y0109 Sunny Jr/Maximus/Rangers womb sister
W83 Sunny Jr womb sister
Blk19 Sunny Jr/Sundance (full sister to Double Dean)
P20 Hardcore/Maxin/Omega's mother
P89 King Drifts mother
R21 Sudden Impact/Omega's Mother
R10 Highroller/Maxbo
R30 XL/King Drifts Mother
R27 XL/Drifter
R28 XL/Drifter
R32 XL/Drifter
G68 XL/Sudden Impact
G32 XL/Sudden Impact
G34 XL/Sudden Impact
G42 XL/Maxin/Omega's Mother
G81 XL/Gridiron's Mother
G60 Ranger/Sudden Impact/Omega's Mother
G30 Free Agent/King Drift's Mother
R7 Sudden Impact/Xtreme
R8 Sudden Impact/Xtreme
G7 Rolex/XL
G71 Omega/Select's womb sister
G59 Rolex/XL
G29 Ranger/Highroller

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