Deer For Sale

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Xtreme Whitetail Deer For Sale

Breeding Age Does for Sale

All does are priced to be AI'd to Choice buck off of our farm (Excluding Maxbo XL) and backed up to our choice.

Call Bryan 417-343-1360 or Phil 417-848-0014 with questions.

ID# Lineage Price
Blk33 Xtreme/RDM Goliath N/A (coming soon)
Blk100 Rolex/Rocket $7500.00
P25 Shadow/Amos full Sister $7500.00
O151 King Pin/Doc $6000.00
P47 Storm/Selects womb sister $7000.00
R72 Max/Bucky/Sundance $7500.00
B65 Reno Full Sister $7500.00
P45 Powerpoint/Maxbo $6000.00
Y0200 Maxbo Selects womb sister $7500.00
P9 Sundowner/Xtreme $7500.00
G26 Highroller/BJ $7500.00
O14 Highroller/Selects Mother $7500.00
G111 Maxbo/Maverick $7500.00
Blk6 Xtreme/Peacock (Outlaws full sister) $6000.00
R64 Maxbo Select/Sunny Jr. $6000.00
W3 Sunny Jr/2nd chance mother $5000.00
B36 Maxbo/Marlin $7500.00
O87 Maxbo XL/Mickey $5000.00
G72 Omega/Selects womb sister $7500.00
G46 Shadow/Sunny Jr $7500.00
G52 Highroller/Ace $7500.00
P35 Sundowner/Omega's Mothers womb $7500.00
G71 Omega/Selects womb sister $7500.00

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